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Sorry for not posting much, but I forgot to post these >_< Here are some of the finished backgrounds!


New Textbox Design

Alright so yesterday and today, i decided to try and make a new textbox, the first one really wasnt very good. This one might still need improvment? Not sure, but so far people seem to like this one. (Also thanks to lemmasoft for helping me out with it as well!) I did a few other changes, like i changed Chris’ height a bit. Made it so that the player can enter a first and last name (MC default name is Trisha Cole, hence why it says Trisha in the caps). And I added a new font (RatPak?) I wanted a handwritten font.

Anyway, might still need some adjusting, but wanted to show this for now. Just testing things out, so i dont get rusty! Well below are 2 more screencaps, click on the picture to see full size. Please let me know what you think, thanks! ~

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side character: Will

So let me take just a bit, to talk about a side character in Mason’s route, Will. He plays a pretty big part, so much so that it even splits off into his own little route.

Will’s origins comes from awhile ago, when I wanted to include Nesse into the game, but at the same time I couldn’t exactly make him a main love interest, we already had those. But he’s done alot and i had wanted to thank him in some way. (this was before we decided to split the game into 2) So after talking to him, i decided to make Mason have a younger brother, Will.

Mason however can’t stand Will (and he has his reasons which you’ll see in his route) Will is pretty much the opposite of Mason. He’s kind of like well Avu and Chris combined, in a way. At first, Jinko doesn’t like him too. He hits on her, and shes like “yeah dont care.” But then Mason starts letting his emotions get the best of him, when he sees Will talking to Jinko. After that Jinko begins to wonder if Will is really all that bad, and maybe Mason isn’t quite how he seems.

So what will Jinko do? Choose Will or Mason? Hmm well that’s for the player to decide really! I think though that Will is an interesting character, he’s kind of hard to work with, because I’m not a snarky flirtatious trollish teenage boy, so it’s kinda hard to right something i can’t really relate to. (then again im also not a 6ft4 stoic basketball player with dreams of being a writer either….) but he’s fun! after awhile i got the hang of him haha.

Anyway, now that we plan on splitting the game up, and Nesse will have his own main intersts, Will has sort of become more or less a NPC. But I have too many plans really, so he’s kind of an important NPC. I think that’s ok?

What do you think? Are you ok with a NPC having a little side route in Mason’s route? Do you think Will seems intersting? I know it’s kind of hard to tell, cuz i don’t want to give away too much. Anyway hopefully I can make this work.

Partially Finished Alice’s Sprites

I was going to wait until the sprites were completely finished, but i haven’t heard anything from our colorist in awhile. (maybe i should bug her again? haha i dunno….) anyway, so here it is for now! partially finished sprites! i say partially because well they are all done, every pose, outfit, expression. except the clothes arent colored thats about it.

Also these are the first girl sprites we got! (other then MC) and well….i know this is a bit narsitic but yes, Alice would be concidered my char. haha! if anyone’s curious, no i dont really look like Alice but i sure wish i did 😀 (tho i have been meaning to dye my hair purple for awhile >_> ) I think her expressions are soo cuute too! and the poses are great! the outfits too lol.

Well i hope you like these, at least it’s something to show. i cant wait to see these finished. I belive that gothic~ichigo is working on finishing up Chris and Avu. and working on Mason’s next. I cant wait to see those either! ~