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We Are Back!

Yup! We are officially off of hiatus starting today! And will begin working on the game again. We took a pretty lengthy hiatus, but I think it was needed. Even though we didn’t say anything, we did take that time to try and become more organized and figure out a better way to make this game. Needless to say, I think things’ll work out better.

There isn’t much to report on really, other then we figured out how to organize ourselves haha. We’re still working on those rough drafts, but instead of having a deadline when they are all due, we thought it best just to turn them in as each one is finished. Jubbz finished Jeremy’s rough draft awhile ago, Chapperz is about halfway through kitsu’s arc. I’m not sure about Spiral and Megan, last I heard he finished it. And I uh…well… yeah haven’t done much. >_>

Also, gothic_ichigo for whatever reason went completely MIA on us, and so i think at this point it’s wise to say we don’t have an artist anymore. However we realized that it’s best to hold off on art until we can get these rough drafts done, so I’m not too worried about that.

Anyway! I hope that people are still going to be interested in this game! I’ll do my best to update any progress we make, and we’ll keep working on this game until the day comes when it’s finally finished!