taking a break from writing

this is totally me at the computer >_>

so i started to get kinda stressed out and burnt out on Mason’s route. so Nesse made me take a break from writing it haha! He had a point after i was like SHUT UP YOU DONT KNOW ANYTHING I HAVE TO FINISH YOU JUST DONT UNDERSTAND T_____T

Anyway, so i figured in the meantime of taking a break from his route i could be working on other things, mainly coding. im pretty new to renpy, so i thought it be a good time to figure out all these things. plus itll save time for when i actually do have something to code (like when i get to work on the common route).
at the moment im trying to figure out how to do customized menus and choice menus. getting the hang of it slowly, maybe ill have something to post here and i wont have to wait for sketches lol.


Finished Act 2 of Mason’s route

Just a quicky update, to let it be known that i finally finished Act 2 of Mason’s route! WHEEEEEE… The end man, that was fun to write haha. At the very end of act 2 will be a choice that’ll break off either into mason or will’s arc. That’ll be fun to write.

Sorry for not updating this as much as i once was, ive been really busy working on Mason’s route. I’ll try and still update this once a week at least with something. Hoping i can finish Mason’s route by like early Aug. At least the rough draft.
The Sept. deadline for everyone to get thier rough drafts, is approaching! I still have Mr. Martin’s to write as well! Oh boy….

New Textbox Design

Alright so yesterday and today, i decided to try and make a new textbox, the first one really wasnt very good. This one might still need improvment? Not sure, but so far people seem to like this one. (Also thanks to lemmasoft for helping me out with it as well!) I did a few other changes, like i changed Chris’ height a bit. Made it so that the player can enter a first and last name (MC default name is Trisha Cole, hence why it says Trisha in the caps). And I added a new font (RatPak?) I wanted a handwritten font.

Anyway, might still need some adjusting, but wanted to show this for now. Just testing things out, so i dont get rusty! Well below are 2 more screencaps, click on the picture to see full size. Please let me know what you think, thanks! ~

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side character: Will

So let me take just a bit, to talk about a side character in Mason’s route, Will. He plays a pretty big part, so much so that it even splits off into his own little route.

Will’s origins comes from awhile ago, when I wanted to include Nesse into the game, but at the same time I couldn’t exactly make him a main love interest, we already had those. But he’s done alot and i had wanted to thank him in some way. (this was before we decided to split the game into 2) So after talking to him, i decided to make Mason have a younger brother, Will.

Mason however can’t stand Will (and he has his reasons which you’ll see in his route) Will is pretty much the opposite of Mason. He’s kind of like well Avu and Chris combined, in a way. At first, Jinko doesn’t like him too. He hits on her, and shes like “yeah dont care.” But then Mason starts letting his emotions get the best of him, when he sees Will talking to Jinko. After that Jinko begins to wonder if Will is really all that bad, and maybe Mason isn’t quite how he seems.

So what will Jinko do? Choose Will or Mason? Hmm well that’s for the player to decide really! I think though that Will is an interesting character, he’s kind of hard to work with, because I’m not a snarky flirtatious trollish teenage boy, so it’s kinda hard to right something i can’t really relate to. (then again im also not a 6ft4 stoic basketball player with dreams of being a writer either….) but he’s fun! after awhile i got the hang of him haha.

Anyway, now that we plan on splitting the game up, and Nesse will have his own main intersts, Will has sort of become more or less a NPC. But I have too many plans really, so he’s kind of an important NPC. I think that’s ok?

What do you think? Are you ok with a NPC having a little side route in Mason’s route? Do you think Will seems intersting? I know it’s kind of hard to tell, cuz i don’t want to give away too much. Anyway hopefully I can make this work.

A look at Megan’s Script

Hey this is SPIRAL and I’m the fantastic guy in charge of Megan’s route.

The route is 99% done and is going a final month or two of just revision.  I actually can’t reveal my plot or else it becomes extremely predictable and I don’t want that.   You will cry, you will laugh, but most importantly, you will learn.

Get on my level.


As of now, the sexiest script of the routes is done.

It’s been 1 year!

So today mark’s our first year that we’ve been working on this game! Wow time sure goes by fast, 1 year already huh? Sadly we still don’t have too much to show for it, but alot goes into making a game, especially one like this. I wish i could have something special to show you, but I suppose this little hedgehog in a party hat is good enough!

Anyway, I’d like to ramble on today about the past, present, and (hopeful) future of CSW. A sort of history, look back, all that went into this game our first year. And how most importantly we learned A LOT more goes into making a game then we thought. O_O

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The Hopes and Dreams merit system

The hopes and Dreams system is a system of merit, put in place by the previous student council president of Cheshire State Westford Academy.

There’s the expulsion clause that weeds out the weak. It’s built on friggin’ Social Darwinism. I think.

Cidz and I decided to expand on our school setting, make it different and stand out.

The rules are as followed:

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