I gotta give credit where credit is due! so here are the following people that worked on this game and helped make it possible ❤ (also im still adding to this as the game progresses in the making >_> )


  • Original Concept/Creator: Cidz
  • Script and Planning: Cidz, Dubzeh, Chapperz, and SPIRAL
  • Main Character Design: gothic~ichigo
  • Colorist: Tasuki
  • Background Artist: pockidd
  • Background Colorist: emichi
  • Proofreader: Nesse and Splitter
  • Programing: Cidz  Advanced: Megiddo
  • Project Manager: Nesse
  • Everything Else: Everyone else that contributed thanks to the bloggers that gave me ideas on their chars and agreed to do this ❤
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