Minor Characters

This page is for the minor characters that still play a role into the game but not part of the major crew. To be edited as needed.

MC’s Family


  • Name: Lenore.
  • Occupation: Stay at home mom.
  • Personality: Quite the sterotypical mom really. likes cooking and cleaning and taking care of her family. she chose to be a housewife because she cares deeply about her family and loves taking care of them.
  • Name: Michael.
  • Occupation: unsure, business man i suppose.
  • Personality: Protective of his little girl and at times likes to drill boys if she brings anyhome. but he means well. prettty good dad that enjoys supporting his family.
Brother (Younger):
  • Name: Freddy.
  • Age: 19.
  • Occupation: College student. 2nd year.
  • Personality: Perverted and often says wierd things without any regard to who hes around. likes to tease his younger sister.
Brother (Oldest):
  • Name: Jason.
  • Age: 23
  • Occupation: College Student. 4th year. Graduating and going to become a teacher.
  • Personality: Calm and mature, hes always been the one to kind of look out for MC and get on Jasons case when teasing her.


  • Age: 15. 1st year. (goes to diff school as chris)
  • Appears in: Chris’ route.
  • Personality: A mean-spirited, selfish, controlling girl. Shes greedy and only after Chris and his money. will stop at nothing to get what she wants.
  • Age: 17
  • Appears in: Kitsu’s Route (Minna’s mini route)
  • Personality: A fairly popular guy who finds himself smitten by Minna. He has a good head on his shoulder and treats Minna with respect, though he doesn’t know what to make of Kitsu as he takes Kitsu’s goofy personality too seriously.


  • Age: 16
  • Appears in: Mason’s Route.
  • Personality: Trollish. Think Chris meets Avu. He’s a “I do what I want to get what I want” type of person. doesn’t seem to like Mason much at all.


Jeremy’s Mom

  • Age: I dunno, probably 40s?
  • Appears in: Jeremy’s route.
  • Personality: Very over protective of her son, and also very strong-willed.


  • Age: 16 or 17
  • Appears in: Mostly Jeremy’s route, but makes apperances here and there in other’s routes.
  • Personality: He’s the mysterious information broker and a bit of a troll. he seems to know everything about everyone.


  • Age: 10 i think.
  • Appears in: Jeremy’s route.
  • Personality: She’s a bright and cheerful little girl that has taken quite a liking to Jeremy, and calls him onii-chan.
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