Character Information:

This is the page to find the information on the various characters. Also we are still working on this script so this page is subject to changes and updating from time to time.


** Jubbz **

Name: Jeremy Zaccheo
Age: 17. 3rd Year.
Looks: Dark-skinned. 5ft10 155lbs. His hair is a short, curly afro, but usually can’t be seen because he hides it under his hat which he wears at all times. He has more than one hat to match his outfit. Whenever he becomes embarrassed he often uses his hat to cover his blushing face.In his school uniform, he never buttons up the blazer, and wears the sleeves up to his elbows.
Likes: Baking, Aiming for number one, Mystery novels, eating fried chicken, and giving people nicknames.
Dislikes: Tsundere behavior in anime, laziness, people who disrespect his crew, and the color red.
Club Role: President of the CSW Journalism club.
Type: Hot-headed, Tsundere.

Personality: The hot-headed tsundere leader of CSW. His anger issues makes most of the school’s students scared of him. He also likes to dress sharp.  He has anger problems, prone to yell, and just wants to make the club the best it is like it once was in the beginning.  He wasnt always like this, as he was once a cheerful young guy who simply wanted to have fun; that is until one dark and fateful day when a very tragic incident occurred, causing him to change for the worst and the club losing all motivation to work. Jeremy isn’t really that bad, once you manage to see past his perpetual frowning and selfishness. He’s also a very honest person, but isn’t open about his feelings. He does wear his heart on his sleeve, so it’s easy to figure out how he feels if you take a minute to think about.

Misc. : Childhood friends with Alice Stanfield and lives next door to her. He also likes to bake cookies for the club, but only when he’s in a good mood. He also may have a few female admirers but due to his off-standish hot-headed ways he really doesn’t notice. Other than that, students tend to gossip that he’s in the mafia because of his sharp dressing ways.

** Martin **

Name. Mr. Martin
Age: 26 Years old. Teacher
Looks: 6ft7 215lbs. Has short shaggy brown hair and a goatee. Wears reading glasses sometimes.
Likes: Magical Girls, Helping his students, and Playing the saxophone.
Dislikes: Late homework, unruly students, and wasted potential
Club Role: He is the club advisor.
Type: Teache

Personality: Mr. Martin is your homeroom math teacher. Laidback and generally of good nature, he’s very passionate about teaching and his students. He even lets the club members call him Martin~Sensei. However, he also has a hidden passion for jazz music (Going so far as to go on a tangent about how awesome it is) and talent for playing the saxophone, so one would wonder why he didn’t try to enter the music industry. He’s also in a rocky marriage that he doesn’t like to talk about.

What will happen when you decide to motivate him to become a professional musician, and what will happen to his marriage? It’s up to you to decide!

Misc: His hobbies are playing the saxophone and watching magical girl anime.

** Chapperz **

Name: Kitsu “Kit-tan” Madaki
Age: 16. 2nd year.
Looks: Medium sized shaggy hair and closed kitsune eyes that he only opens when talking seriously. He also smiles most of the time, usually forming into a grin when talking, though can be indifferent when his eyes are open. Like sort’ve like Walker but with dark brown hair that’s shaggy. His casual outfit is a plaid shirt like this, dark blue jeans, and a dogtag necklace
Likes: Making others laugh, a light atmosphere, tea, traps, cats.
Dislikes: Taking things too seriously, rain, loneliness

Club Role: Writing Parody/Snarky column in CSW, likes to poke fun at things.
Type: Trickster

Personality: A laid-back guy and goofy guy. Nothing much phases him but he does like playing tricks on people. He doesn’t do anything that will intentionally cause harm, just silly things like shaking someones hand when he is holding gum. Around people he likes to say and do things that would make other’s uncomfortable (akin to a male fujoshi). However he is beginning to think that maybe he should take things more serious. Could you help him show that there is more to life than tricks and games? Will he want to settle down with you afterall? Or will he continue to be aloof and silly never really accomplishing much?

Misc: He would like to be a voice actor someday.

** CCK **

Name: Chris Ciel King
Age: 15. 1st year.
Looks: Blonde hair. blue eyes, 5ft1 115 lbs. He dresses very cleanly even when outside of school, sporting a blazer, white button-up shirt, and black slacks.
Likes: Women, reading, and hanging out with his friends.
Dislikes: Family problems, having to live away from his sister, and homework.
club Role: Writes the romance advice column.
Type: Shouta Prince.

Personality: A shouta with a flirtatious personality. due to that he seems to have a flock of women around him, his own personal harem. Usually cheerful very outgoing and silly. However it seems that he usually uses his womanizing to hide his true feelings. Is he perhaps just using women to drown out his own personal issues? If so, what’s the cause?

What happens to Chris depends on you if you decide to pursue this young prince.

Misc: Has an older sister, Evangeline.

** Megz ** (UPDATE: SPIRAL will be in charge of this route).

Name: Megan “Megiddo” Miles
Age: 17. 3rd year.
Looks: Has medium length dark green hair to his neck, wears glasses. 5ft10 135lbs.
Likes: Computers and being alone.
Dislikes: People. especially stupid people, which, really is most people according to him. Also Spiders.
Club Role: Deals with anything related to computers, and is the one who typesets and designs the newspaper, making it ready for print.
Type: Cold-hearted, elitist smart type.

Personality: A person who would rather watch the world go by him, Megz is a quiet introverted guy whose only interests lie in the digital world.  Before you join CSW, Megz has just been like decoration in the background but after your involvement and willingness to bring Megz into group events, Megz start acting colder and colder to you.  And when the time of the CSW camp trip comes to play, you will see a side of Megz you never knew existed…

Misc: knows a ton of useless information.

** MDogg **

Name: Mason Takahashi
Age: 17. 3rd year.
Looks: 6ft4 175lbs. Muscular yet Lean, very tall. Atheltic build. Has redish-brown somewhat short hair, that sticks out a bit (kind of like he just got out of the shower) Likes dressing in sports casual attire when not in school.
Likes: Basketball and Martial Arts.
Dislikes: Talking a lot and loud people.
Club Role: Writes the sports collum.
Type: Stoic Atheletic Type.

Personality: At first he doesnt seem like the type to talk much. Despite his athletic build not that many people approach him since he’s so quiet all the time, and people believe he thinks he’s too good to play with everyone else. However, he seems very forgetful at times… and when you look past that quiet demeanor, you can see he’s a pretty nice guy as long as someone he remembers…

Misc: He seems to have a pretty bad memory at times. He’s also a member of the MMA club, so he knows how to kick your ass.


** Rainy **

Name: Mia Hughes
Age: 16 2nd year.
Looks: Plain appearance. She isn’t ugly or anything but she doesn’t bother wearing any makeup or spending hours on her hair.
Dislikes: Mean people.
Club Role: Writes the Boy’s love and gay column

Personality. Mia is a yaoi fangirl, she likes randomly pairing up guys (especially ones in the club) and creating elaborate fantasy stories about them. She has quite the imagination as well. But is that ALL there is to her?

Misc: Childhood friend and lives right next door to you.

** Splitter **

Name: Minna-chan.
Age: 16 2nd year
Looks: Trap, short greenish bob hair-do glasses. Kind of a nerdy girl.
Likes: Ponies and girly frilly things.
Dislikes: wearing boys clothing and doing manly things.
Club Role: Rants Column.

Personality: Minna is usually the smart and normal one of your friends, that is to say she is the most levelheaded. She often offers sound advice as well. She’s pretty nice but sometimes goes off on silly rant tangents. Minna used to be a boy who still liked girly things. But it wasnt until high school when he decided to finally began cross-dressing.

Misc: Minna is your other childhood friend that lives next door to you.

** Cidz **

Name: Alice Stanfield
Age: 17. 3rd year.
Looks: Long purple hair and likes wearing gothic-lolita/cosplay outfits. mostly of which she makes herself.
Likes: Sewing and Fashion and Hot guys.
Dislikes: Having to do homework or sit still for long.
Club Role: Writes the fashion column.

Personality: The perky friend. Bubbly and Energetic! Usually likes fangirling over hot bishies and also coming up with silly yaoi scenarios with Mia. She enjoys sewing and always likes harassing Mina and makes her wear frilly clothing.

Misc: best friends with Jeremy and lives right next door to him.

** Ghost **

Name: Evangeline King
Age: 17. 3rd year.
Looks: long blonde hair down to mid back, and blue eyes. A short appearance, often mistaken for a little girl. (Token Loli). When not in school, her outfits range from baseball t-shirts or black turtlenecks and jeans, to short-sleeved baseball shirts and shorts.
Likes: Cooking and looking out for her younger brother, collecting fan art, and writing and reading literature.
Dislikes: being mistaken for a child.

Personality: she is usually calm and collected, but will joke around with friends or even scold them for being reckless at times. Lives in a house with her grandmother and their dog. Spends her free time reading books, manga, watching anime, etc. She also likes to cook and learn recipes from her grandmother. She’s also be the one to cook meals for the crew every now and again.

Misc: Is the older sister to Chris King. Lives away from him with their grandma due to family issues.


Protagonist aka Jinko-chan:

Name: Whatever you want it to be.
Nickname: Jinko-chan.
Age: 17. 3rd year.
Looks: Brown, Short haired girl with fair skin. 5ft5. blue eyes.
Likes: Helping people.
Dislikes: People who act annoying.

Personality: After moving back to her hometown (she lived in a big city before) she reunites with her old friends and begins a new school life. There she meets the crew members of the CSW journalism club, even though the club is in shambles right now. However, the MC may be able to help get the club back on it’s feet and maybe find out why it went so bad in the first place. She’s also strong and independent, not afraid to stand up for herself and speak her mind, or go the extra mile to help out those she cares about.

Misc: has a mother and a father and 2 brothers named Freddy and Jason. Her nickname is derived from the word Shujinko, which means Main character (or Protagonist) in Japanese.

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