Sorry for not posting much, but I forgot to post these >_< Here are some of the finished backgrounds!


Partially Finished Alice’s Sprites

I was going to wait until the sprites were completely finished, but i haven’t heard anything from our colorist in awhile. (maybe i should bug her again? haha i dunno….) anyway, so here it is for now! partially finished sprites! i say partially because well they are all done, every pose, outfit, expression. except the clothes arent colored thats about it.

Also these are the first girl sprites we got! (other then MC) and well….i know this is a bit narsitic but yes, Alice would be concidered my char. haha! if anyone’s curious, no i dont really look like Alice but i sure wish i did 😀 (tho i have been meaning to dye my hair purple for awhile >_> ) I think her expressions are soo cuute too! and the poses are great! the outfits too lol.

Well i hope you like these, at least it’s something to show. i cant wait to see these finished. I belive that gothic~ichigo is working on finishing up Chris and Avu. and working on Mason’s next. I cant wait to see those either! ~

New Alice Sketch

i just recieved this today from Gothic~ichigo! It sure is nice to see something new, and by may i should have alice sprites hopefully ❤ anyways hope you like the new sketch.

Progress Report: Dec. 2011


I appologize for falling behind on this blog, december was a busy month but i’ll do my best to keep it going now. Also as you can see the two above pictures means we finally got a couple finished sprites! of MC and Chris in thier snazzy winter uniforms. I have to thank gothic~ichigo and tasuki for doing an AMAZING job on it ❤ im very glad to have such a talented team.

With that said, here is the rest of whats been going on this past month or so.

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Casual Outfit Sketches

Here are some casual outfit sketches for MC (Jinko), Chris, and Avu. Enjoy ~

Also i finished Masons rough draft, and avus and victors are being worked on. Also have a couple finished sprites of JInko (MC) and Chris (in thier uniforms) as you can see more sprites are being worked on ❤

i plan on getting as much programming done during winter as i can.

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Character Sketches

Fanart by Tatsuki (colorist) of Jinko-chan (MC)

Alright, so I’m a bit late with this but here are the character sketches done by the lovely gothic~ichigo <3333 Enjoy! ~

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Been awhile…but got some good news!

Well for starters, that right there is a sketch of the uniforms! the other good news is…..

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