Still working on it!

Just didn’t want people to think we forgot about this, cuz we haven’t. Jubbz and I took a small break in March to work on Nanoreno 2013 game called Papercut. But I’ve been slowly working on the intro. I’m starting over, sorta, one last time on the intro haha. It’ll come out better I think. Even though I keep redoing my drafts each time I do, I feel like they come out better. And maybe that’s just how I do things? Some people can write a rough draft, move and polish it, and make it final. I on the other hand have to write like 50 drafts before im happy with something haha! (ok not THAT many…slight exageration >_> )

Still, it’s slow. We pretty much just started all over from the begging and stuff, but it’s ok. As long as we finish this! It’ll probably take awhile, but in the meantime I’d like to try and make more small games. Gotta brush up on my renpy skills and try new things right?


We Are Back!

Yup! We are officially off of hiatus starting today! And will begin working on the game again. We took a pretty lengthy hiatus, but I think it was needed. Even though we didn’t say anything, we did take that time to try and become more organized and figure out a better way to make this game. Needless to say, I think things’ll work out better.

There isn’t much to report on really, other then we figured out how to organize ourselves haha. We’re still working on those rough drafts, but instead of having a deadline when they are all due, we thought it best just to turn them in as each one is finished. Jubbz finished Jeremy’s rough draft awhile ago, Chapperz is about halfway through kitsu’s arc. I’m not sure about Spiral and Megan, last I heard he finished it. And I uh…well… yeah haven’t done much. >_>

Also, gothic_ichigo for whatever reason went completely MIA on us, and so i think at this point it’s wise to say we don’t have an artist anymore. However we realized that it’s best to hold off on art until we can get these rough drafts done, so I’m not too worried about that.

Anyway! I hope that people are still going to be interested in this game! I’ll do my best to update any progress we make, and we’ll keep working on this game until the day comes when it’s finally finished!

choice menu

So, I’ve been fiddling with the choice menu lately, and with help from some kind ppl at lemmasoft, i came up with this design so far. what do you think? Btw the circle over choice A is when you hover over a choice. I want to stick with a handwritten/notebook theme. like the MC is writing these notes or something.

Well, at least I’ve gotten this to work yay! Later on I’ll try and tackle the pref. menu….oh fun. -_-


taking a break from writing

this is totally me at the computer >_>

so i started to get kinda stressed out and burnt out on Mason’s route. so Nesse made me take a break from writing it haha! He had a point after i was like SHUT UP YOU DONT KNOW ANYTHING I HAVE TO FINISH YOU JUST DONT UNDERSTAND T_____T

Anyway, so i figured in the meantime of taking a break from his route i could be working on other things, mainly coding. im pretty new to renpy, so i thought it be a good time to figure out all these things. plus itll save time for when i actually do have something to code (like when i get to work on the common route).
at the moment im trying to figure out how to do customized menus and choice menus. getting the hang of it slowly, maybe ill have something to post here and i wont have to wait for sketches lol.

Finished Act 2 of Mason’s route

Just a quicky update, to let it be known that i finally finished Act 2 of Mason’s route! WHEEEEEE… The end man, that was fun to write haha. At the very end of act 2 will be a choice that’ll break off either into mason or will’s arc. That’ll be fun to write.

Sorry for not updating this as much as i once was, ive been really busy working on Mason’s route. I’ll try and still update this once a week at least with something. Hoping i can finish Mason’s route by like early Aug. At least the rough draft.
The Sept. deadline for everyone to get thier rough drafts, is approaching! I still have Mr. Martin’s to write as well! Oh boy….

It’s been 1 year!

So today mark’s our first year that we’ve been working on this game! Wow time sure goes by fast, 1 year already huh? Sadly we still don’t have too much to show for it, but alot goes into making a game, especially one like this. I wish i could have something special to show you, but I suppose this little hedgehog in a party hat is good enough!

Anyway, I’d like to ramble on today about the past, present, and (hopeful) future of CSW. A sort of history, look back, all that went into this game our first year. And how most importantly we learned A LOT more goes into making a game then we thought. O_O

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Happy April Fools Day!

sorry its a bit late but here are some lolz snippets from the script of WWOH! voiced by Jubbz. So Enjoy and Happy April Fools. BTW these lines might not be finale in the actual game, but its the current script we got right now.

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