Words Within Our Hearts FAQs

So, want to know more about this game and such? well read below hopefully most of your questions will be answered. if not ask away and we’ll do our best to answer!

1. So what is this game about?
– Words without Our Hearts is a series of Otome games featuring 6 possible Love interests in the first game, and seven in the second game. The game takes place in a town known as Chesdale, where the protagonist used to live as a child. This game takes place during the second half of the protagonist’s Third Year of high school when she returns to Chesdale to attend a private school, where hopes and dreams take top priority above all else, known as Cheshire State Westford academy. There, she reunites with her childhood friends, Mia and Mina, beginning her new days at the new school.

The protagonist has no special talents or hobbies, so when it’s time to go looking for a club to join during her week of school, she really isn’t sure if she should join a club at all. But with a bit of convincing from her friends and learning just how seriously the school takes club activities, she decides to check out the CSW journalism club. Upon arriving to the club room after school one day,what she saw is not what she expected. The members weren’t doing any work, giving a horrible first impression with their leader being very frustrated about this.

Most of the members don’t want to do their work and the club president, Jeremy, is left doing most of the work. Turns out however, the club’s ranking has been consistently low several times, and it’ll be shut down in six months if things don’t change. Things weren’t always like this, but due to a series of unfortunate events, things have changed, and the club hasn’t been as good ever since. There’s a sign of bitterness in the air, and your friends can feel it.

Will you be able to help save the club from falling apart? Will you be able to figure out the truth behind the tragedy that caused the calamity of today? Will you perhaps find romance along the way? And will you discover what YOUR hopes and dreams are? How the crew’s lives go depends on you.

2. Sounds interesting but whats an otome, visual novel, thingamajig you just said above?
– Otome game = maiden game. Games for girls are usually either dating sims or visual novel style. its typical gameplay consists of the player being a female trying to win the hearts of one of the guys and is usually presented with multiple options as to which guy she wants.
– Visual novel is a lot like those choose your own adventure books but in-game form. it’s a story that has choices (and usually different routes) you get to choose different choices and whichever ones you choose affects the storyline.
There are also Dating Sim games which is more interactive with less story. but also can be kind of repetitive as well.

3. You mentioned CSW Journalism club, what is CSW?
– Ah, well CSW is actually in reality the name of a blog my friend (who is also a character and writer in this game) created, it’s normally an anime/manga blog but contains other articles we even have podcasts, etc… (if your curious link is on the home page)

This game is actuallysomewhat based on the bloggers (it’s a group blog site) because most of the bloggers are in fact male. (for a while I was the only girl but a couple of months ago, Rainy joined and a couple of weeks ago, pyro/ghost joined so now there are 3 girls) so I thought it would be fun to make an otome game loosely based on them lol. Don’t worry you don’t have to like follow the blog or anything to play this. It’s just what sparked the idea.

Also, CSW stands for ChocolateSyrupyWaffles lol.

4. Ok, cool. So is this game complete? Where can I download it?
– No it’s not complete yet. We’ve been working rather diligently since Jun. We are still working on the game, but we’ve made some progress. We aren’t sure when this game will be complete, but we will keep working and not give up until its done!

When we are done, we will be sure to include download links. In the meantime please keep checking back this blog periodically for updates.

5. Is this a group or solo project? you mentioned another writer.
– This is a group project. Several people mostly from CSW blog are working on this game together. If you are interested on who all is working, please check out the credits page, under the About link.

6. When the game is made, will it be compatible with macs or linux?
– Yes, I’m using Renpy to make this, and Renpy is compatible with Windows, Mac, and Linux

7. Is this game Japanese or Western style?
– Hmm, I would say it’s a mix. The art style is more Japanese/Anime but the characters and location would probably be more western? Even though its located on a made-up island.

8. Can I help out?
– We aren’t currently looking for someone, but if you would like to help out feel free to email me at: Starlightmelodies.support@outlook.com or use the contact form.

9. Is this game commercial or Non-Commercial.
– Non-Commercial. When it gets released full game will be completely free.

10. So, my question(s) wasn’t answered.
– well, then feel free to ask away! either by leaving a comment here, or by using the contact form and we’ll do our best to answer them.


3 thoughts on “About

    • Avu gets a route in the 2nd game. He still plays somewhat of an important part in this game, so that’s why he appears in various routes, especially Jeremy’s. But if you play Jeremy’s route, at the end you’ll see why Avu will have a route in the 2nd game.

    • Because of the decision to split the game… and to give routes to the new guys who joined the crew.

      That being said, he’ll have the leading role in the second game. >_>

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