Still working on it!

Just didn’t want people to think we forgot about this, cuz we haven’t. Jubbz and I took a small break in March to work on Nanoreno 2013 game called Papercut. But I’ve been slowly working on the intro. I’m starting over, sorta, one last time on the intro haha. It’ll come out better I think. Even though I keep redoing my drafts each time I do, I feel like they come out better. And maybe that’s just how I do things? Some people can write a rough draft, move and polish it, and make it final. I on the other hand have to write like 50 drafts before im happy with something haha! (ok not THAT many…slight exageration >_> )

Still, it’s slow. We pretty much just started all over from the begging and stuff, but it’s ok. As long as we finish this! It’ll probably take awhile, but in the meantime I’d like to try and make more small games. Gotta brush up on my renpy skills and try new things right?


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