Going on hiatus until Jan.

Until Jan. WWOH will be on hiatus. We really need to take a break, things have gotten stressful and with school, jobs, blogging, etc… also it’s a little hard for us to juggle everything at once right now.

We WILL finish this game, i promise you that much. However we need time off to kind of think things through better, maybe get more organized, find a new artist cuz ours went MIA for like over 3 months…. anyway, when we return hopefully we’ll be more organized and put together by then! with new found determination to see this till the end!
In the meantime, i hope everyone will still stay interested! I really am sorry about this, but please understand its for the best. Thanks for reading this! I hope to work on this game and finish it by late 2013 when we return Jan!


2 thoughts on “Going on hiatus until Jan.

  1. I can certainly understand needing a break from a game. When you end up getting to stressed and frustrated with a game then you know it’s time for some space. I look forward to your completed work.

    • Thanks for the understanding. Yeah things got hectic with us not being so organized >_< We're working on that and we we get back we'll be much more organized! Also personal life gets in the way too. I think by Jan. We'll be ok, you know how busy the end of the year can get sometimes lol.

      I hope that you'll still be intersted when we get back from hiatus, and someday when we finish this game.

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