taking a break from writing

this is totally me at the computer >_>

so i started to get kinda stressed out and burnt out on Mason’s route. so Nesse made me take a break from writing it haha! He had a point after i was like SHUT UP YOU DONT KNOW ANYTHING I HAVE TO FINISH YOU JUST DONT UNDERSTAND T_____T

Anyway, so i figured in the meantime of taking a break from his route i could be working on other things, mainly coding. im pretty new to renpy, so i thought it be a good time to figure out all these things. plus itll save time for when i actually do have something to code (like when i get to work on the common route).
at the moment im trying to figure out how to do customized menus and choice menus. getting the hang of it slowly, maybe ill have something to post here and i wont have to wait for sketches lol.


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