New Textbox Design

Alright so yesterday and today, i decided to try and make a new textbox, the first one really wasnt very good. This one might still need improvment? Not sure, but so far people seem to like this one. (Also thanks to lemmasoft for helping me out with it as well!) I did a few other changes, like i changed Chris’ height a bit. Made it so that the player can enter a first and last name (MC default name is Trisha Cole, hence why it says Trisha in the caps). And I added a new font (RatPak?) I wanted a handwritten font.

Anyway, might still need some adjusting, but wanted to show this for now. Just testing things out, so i dont get rusty! Well below are 2 more screencaps, click on the picture to see full size. Please let me know what you think, thanks! ~


4 thoughts on “New Textbox Design

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