It’s been 1 year!

So today mark’s our first year that we’ve been working on this game! Wow time sure goes by fast, 1 year already huh? Sadly we still don’t have too much to show for it, but alot goes into making a game, especially one like this. I wish i could have something special to show you, but I suppose this little hedgehog in a party hat is good enough!

Anyway, I’d like to ramble on today about the past, present, and (hopeful) future of CSW. A sort of history, look back, all that went into this game our first year. And how most importantly we learned A LOT more goes into making a game then we thought. O_O


Ah, I might as well began with how this game got started. Well, one day I was going through my files on my computer, and I came across Novelty. I took a look at it, and though “Hmm….this might be fun to kind of make a game with.” And I thought well an otome game would be fun. However, I was stuck on an idea. That’s where dubzeh (aka Jubbz) gave me the brilliant idea of making an otome game based on the bloggers of CSW! That place is a regular sausage fest. Rainy had only joined back in March. (at the time ghost hadn’t joined but will in Aug.) And before them I was the only girl of what? 11 guys haha! Still I thought it would be kind of fun, and maybe a way to boost the blogs activity! So I set out to ask every single blogger of csw. I explained to them my idea, what an otome game was exactly, and asked them for character ideas. Some gave me a few ideas (like Martin told me “Make me a teacher and really tall!” ), and others were just like “Sure go for it.” Still I wanted to base each char. loosely on each blogger. At first I was going to go with this solo. (Ha! Good thing i changed my mind!) but around that time, chapperz had offered to help me out with writing, I decided to take him up on that offer! So now it was me and chapperz, at least two people will be alot easier then just me. Ah but you know how I said some people gave me more ideas then others? Well the one that gave me the most ideas was Jubbz. That’s when I thought “Hey, he has some pretty good ideas, why don’t I ask if he wants to be the writer? He’s the leader of CSW afterall.” And him and I have worked on a story once before, and i know he’s a pretty good writer. So I asked him, and he was thrilled to join.

With 3 writers, we figured that was a good chance to get together now on AIM chats and start discussing ideas. We agreed on the basic idea of “A high school story about a girl who joins a journalism club.” We didn’t even have a name yet, and wouldn’t for a little while. So we split up the characters we wanted to do, came up with basic ideas that we would run with in each route, etc…. so then after we got that figured out we began writing the routes. At that time I thought that we could finish all these scripts by Dec. (Did I mention this is our VERY first game? Ha so many n00b assumptions!)At first things seemed like they would go pretty good. Jubbz rushed through Chris’s route and finished that in what a month? I was also working on Mason’s route and finished that in Nov. (later on we would scrap these routes we wrote because we realized we rushed through em.)

Now, at first I was going to wait until we had all the scripts done before asking for an artist. However one day while browsing through the lemmasoft forums, I came across a thread by Gothic~Ichigo, offering her services. and for free! I loved her art, and I couldn’t belive it she was free! I thought I’d take the chance and ask her, i knew our game was big, so i thought she’d say no. However she contacted me, and told that she’d love to work on the game with us! I was so happy. But however since we didn’t plan on getting an artist till later, I wasn’t sure what to do haha. So we got together again on AIM chats to discuss what we need to tell her. I had browsed lemmasoft forums, and played a few VNs to get an idea at least. We asked her for 2 uniforms winter/summer, 2 casual outfits winter/summer, 2 poses, and expressions. We certain gave her enough work haha! that’s when she began working on the sprites. Things seemed to be going smoothy, she asked if I could get a colorist, so we asked Tatsuki, a member of ASMB (adult swim message boards aka the place where most of the bloggers are from.) She agreed. So we ended up getting MCs finished sprites and Chris’s finished sprites. (at least thier uniforms) I was so happy! Things seemed to be going well the first few months.

But then things….really slowed down! Towards the end of 2011/early 2012 we weren’t really getting much done. I hadn’t heard from our artist in a couple months, Jubbz was suffering through some personal issues, and Chapperz got really busy with school. Not to mention, I too was going through some things. We did however get a guest writer around Jan. SPIRAL. He said that he’ll probably be w/o internet for awhile, so in that time he wanted to write a route. Jubbz agreed to give him Megan’s route. And well even tho us 3 writers weren’t doing much, at least Spiral was working hard on Megan’s route (btw he wrote megans route by hand on notebooks O_O)

Our artist seemed to loose interest, we all seemed to loose interest. I was beginning to think that we wouldn’t finish this game, it was just a fleeting dream. But I didn’t want to let it end! I wanted us to keep going. So I started thinking of better ways we can go about to make this game. First off I talked to the other writers and decided that it was best if we split the game up into 2 games. Because 11 love interests plus 4 firends is ALOT. So we cut it down to uhm…6 guys? We also got a few new bloggers around Jan. as well so we thought well we can add them into the 2nd game as well. We also talked to Gothic~Ichigo about it and she thought it was a good idea, she also had contacted me and appologized for not really doing much, but she decided to finally get back to work! Alright the fire that was about to dissapear in my soul was finally lit again! With new determination I decided that we really should become a bit more organized.

I think that was one of our bigger problems, that caused us to slow down for like 5 months. So after our personal issues subsided, and spring break/summer break was approaching i started to talk to Nesse about wanting to be more organized. I had been lurking/posting on the lemmasoft forums to try and learn a better way to make a game. I decided for starters to start making deadlines. I think that if I made a reasonable deadline, and stuck with it, that’ll help us! So I talked to Jubbz, Spiral and Chapperz about having the deadline of Sept. at VERY latest to have our rough drafts. That was it I just wanted everyone’s rough drafts. I went back to giving Gothic~Ichigo the deadline of one month. I forgot to mention! We also got a background artist maybe around. Feb/Mar? I had went around to various places asking for one before, but hadn’t heard back from anyone until I saw on this blog in the feedback section, someone saw my post on deviant art and decided to help us out! I gave her the list of BGs we needed, and we also got a BG colorist as well. So yay! We have a sprite artist, writers, proofreaders, project manager, BG artsts, etc…..Martin had offered to do music for us, and we even got an offer from another guy. I requested a few songs he made already. And I asked if i could contact him in sept. about him doing custom songs for WWOH. He said that’s fine since he’s working on his own game as well.

Which brings us to the present.



Past was so long, but Present wont be so bad. At the moment things are going pretty well, and I hope it sticks that way. We agreed to organize a way to split up the paths a bit better (branch system), we’ve been working dilegently on our routes. In fact Jubbz finished Jeremy’s route. He’s going to rewrite Chris’ route, he realized that he probably rushed through it, and although Chris’ route was good, it could be better. I’ve been doing pretty well with Mason’s route. I forgot to mention in the past i had ALOT of trouble with Mason. (I did make a blog post about my experience with Mason’s route if you’re intersted titled “Slacker cidz is Slacker!”) And I’m pleased to see that Chapperz has even written Act 1 of Kitsu’s route! I even got Alice’s full sprites set from gothic~Ichigo, altho partially finished lol. Currently she’s finishing up Chris and Avu, and working on Mason. I’ve also gotten a few line drawings of BGs too. Someday I’ll have to show those. So despite those rough few months, I’m glad to see that we are continuing on with this.

Because I REALLY want this game to be finished. This game is no longer MY project but OUR project. And even though this is our first game we’re working on (except for the artists who have worked/working on other games.) we’re really put our all into it (at least now haha) I really want our hard work, our arguments, our good times, our bad times, to really be worth it.

I forgot to mention, about a week or so ago. I decided to get this blog organized as well. I was reading a thread on lemmasoft about how many blog hits you get. I was only getting maybe 5-10 views. Because I was barely updating this blog, at the most once a month. Things got even worse during that 5 months hiatus we were on. Still, I talked to the writers and told them to feel free to use this blog as well. And I’m glad to see they are.

I think it’s better when someone other then me just posts, the readers can get a better idea of the other routes. And because this place gets a bit more activity. I was happy to see once we started posting, we got 40+ readers! I’m so happy for that! Now it seem’s were getting a nice steady 20+ or so! But that just makes me very happy! ALOT better then just 5 haha. I can’t guarentee there’ll be a blog every day or every other day. However I can guarentee from now on we’ll AT LEAST have a blog once or twice a week.

Now, for the hopeful future of WWOH.

I’d like to discuss what I’d like to see happen in the future. Obviously I’d like to see the game finished haha! I’m hoping no later then Sept. is when we get everyone’s rough drafts, most of the spirtes, and hopefully a few BGs. However as long as we get the rough drafts ill be happy. But if we keep at the good pace we’re going at, we might even finish before Sept. It’s summer so this is a good time for everyone to work hard on this game! I hope that we can get plenty accomplished over these next few months.

After Sept. assuming things are still going well, i’d like to polish up the intro to this game and start programing it, i HOPE by the end of Dec. to have a demo of the intro. So hopefully by the end of this year, we’ll have most of the sprites, some BGs. I also plan to contact Mike again about the music on this game in Sept. So maybe we’ll even have some fresh tunes haha. I should ask Martin about the opening of this game too.

Now assuming that I can get a demo out by the end of this year, I’d like to start programing the guy’s routes next. While im busy programing the intro I’m hoping that the other writers (and me too) we’ll be polishing up our rough drafts, and start working on those final drafts. So I’d like by the beginning of next year, to start working on the routes. I hope that maybe by the end of next year to have the game out! Or at least by May of next year to have another demo out?

I also plan on reworking that GUI, i think i can do better lol.

These are all hopeful things, afterall, who knows what the future holds. I really am not sure if things will cont. to go smooth, will we hit another 5 months block? I hope not. I understand real life gets in the way, and often times things like this have to be put on hold, but i really hope that we don’t end up like before at least for not as long.

I’m glad to see that after a year, people are still intersted in this game. I don’t know how we’ll do once it’s finished. However, no matter how we do the important thing is that we FINISH. That’ll be a great acheivment in and of itself. Well here’s looking forward to working with everyone for another year! I hope to see good results this time.

And thank you EVERYONE really thats helping out with this game, taking your time out to volenteer to help us, I know it’s a big project, but it means alot. Thank you to everyone at lemmasoft and also everyone of our viewers, and anyone that’s interested in this game (or even just at least knows about this game haha!) you all encourage us to keep going no matter what!


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