The Hopes and Dreams merit system

The hopes and Dreams system is a system of merit, put in place by the previous student council president of Cheshire State Westford Academy.

There’s the expulsion clause that weeds out the weak. It’s built on friggin’ Social Darwinism. I think.

Cidz and I decided to expand on our school setting, make it different and stand out.

The rules are as followed:

1.) Upon Enrollment, all students have at least one month to find a club to join, or else they get expelled.

2.) When you’re in a club, you must maintain a 3.0 GPA. Going below this for three months will result in you being in probation from the club, and therefore, unable to join in any activities.
2-A.) When your GPA is below 3.0, you have 3 months to get your GPA back up, or you will face immediate expulsion.
2-B.) During probation, you are still a part of the club in name only. This is to give you the opportunity to get your GPA back to 3.0 or higher within the three month limit.

3.) Maintaining club rank is very important. As stated in Rule 2 and 2-A, All club members must maintain a 3.0 GPA, or club members will be on probation as stated. If too many club members are on probation, the number of activities will go down, and thus, the club’s rank suffers. If the Club rank is in the lowest rank consistently, the club itself will be shut down, in which all former members are to find another club within one month. (See 1.)
3-A.) To check your club’s ranking, see the student council. The student council makes their rankings based on activities and GPA of each member.

4.) Each club is assigned an activity quota to meet each month by the Student Council. Meetings also count as club activities, and as long as everyone is putting in their share of work, the activity quota can be met.
4-A.) As for the activity quota, all activities are to be logged in to the club report sheet, which is to be filled out by the Club Leader and signed by the Club adviser. The sheet is to be turned in to the Student Council by the Club Leader or a club representative near the end of each month.

The purpose of the Hopes and Dreams program, is to ensure that all students at Cheshire State Westford academy learn what they want to do in life as soon as possible, and work hard to achieve their hopes and dreams.

The benefits include scholarships and internships for only the top-tier clubs based on the highest club rankings and those with the highest GPA in grades.

Unlisted: This means that the lower-end clubs don’t get anything upon graduation ‘cept a good recommendation, and THAT means that those people are STILL at risk of expulsion.


Basically, this is a Meritocracy, designed to weed out the weak via expulsion. Survival of the fittest; natural selection.

No one dies or anything, but the environment is stressful on people, and it can cause it’s share of problems.

Certain people hate this system, and other people like it.

Some people like that the bottomfeeders are removed, while others want a normal school life.

The creation of this system is made to innovate the school system, to create an advanced generation of humans who work hard towards their goals. Creed, color, age, and family ties are no longer a bar to individual progress. Those with natural talent or a willingness to improve themselves are rewarded without fail. 

However, the rules Cidz and I are still beta, but close to completion.

I’m curious as to what you guys think. >_>


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