A first look at Jeremy’s Route.

Jeremy the tsundere.

Jeremy’s meant to be an adorable male tsundere. I actually tried to make him as endearing as possible.

But there’s a painful reason why he’s like that…

In any case, This is a rundown of the rough draft of Jeremy’s route. The whole thing too, since i finished it.

Jeremy Zaccheo is a young man with hardly any talents. He has a hidden ability to be a leader, but that’s about it, really.

He’s not skilled in anything else, and his grades are average at best. He’s not very good at sports, he can’t sing worth a crap, and he really can’t say his ABC’s backwards. But at least he’s not stupid.

He CAN bake sweets though. He loves baking sweets, mostly for himself, but if he’s in a good mood, he’ll share the glory known as cookies… or cupcakes… or muffins… it depends.

Jeremy’s actually a really caring guy, and surprisingly sensitive too, despite what his attitude might suggest. But if i recall correctly, tsunderes are sensitive anyway, and tend to react in a pretty angry way. Jeremy’s always mad.

In fact, i have to say, he’s surprisingly a crybaby, but it’s meant to be endearing.

In act 1, Jeremy and Jinko-chan get to know each other bit-by-bit, much to the dismay of a certain girl who’s always yearned for Jeremy’s attention. Jinko’s got a love rival in the mix and doesn’t even KNOW it until it’s too late! By the time Jinko and Jeremy develop a strong bond, the love rival (whom i will not reveal), will definitely try to screw Jinko over. Jinko’s decision to call this person out on her actions caused a rift between friends, which became noticable amongst the crew, especially Jeremy… How did Jeremy react to such infighting within his crew?

In act 2, Jeremy’s become… well, a hikkomori, due to his painful memories of his first love resurfacing so fast, it nearly breaks his mind. During this act, you get to know what Jeremy’s family is like. His family consists of a ten year old cousin named Ruby, and a jerkass woman wearing a bandana (Native American style no less) who turns out to be his mom named Nora. His cousin is a sweet and innocent little girl who likes her “onii-chan” alot. Jinko is obviously weirded out by Ruby always calling Jeremy “onii-chan”, but nontheless, the two become close, like an older sister/little sister dynamic. Jeremy’s mom Nora however… yeah… she’s a jerkass to the core, but that’s because she’s REALLY overprotective of her son. She doesn’t like people getting close to her son, but is there a loophole that Jinko can use to finally get along with Nora?

In act 3, Jeremy, reinvigorated, decides to take down the Hopes and Dreams system that the school runs on, deeming it to be unjust to several people. Unfortunately, their plan to persuade the school to quit their clubs and boycott the system, eventually causes a rift between the whole student body. Everyone begins to argue about how the Hopes and Dreams system was the perfect merit system, while others felt it oppressed those who are considered “weak”. Order vs Chaos. The student Council president, Anastasia Falconeri, isn’t helping things either when she takes advantage of the situation to gather her sympathizers. While all of this is going on, Jinko’s just now beginning to realize her feelings for Jeremy…

How will the CSW crew handle the situation? Will the hopes and Dreams system be taken down? Will Jeremy be able to look past his first love and see that it’s okay to pursue a new one?

Find out, when we finally manage to complete this game. Someday.


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