Slacker cidz is slacker! >_<

So, not gonna lie, that is basically me when it comes to updating, trufax! To be honest, i really don’t know much of what to say. I mean we are always working on this game. But i feel things might get boring if i just spam this blog up with “still working on it guiz!” type of posts. Hmm but i would like to keep this blog on a schedule or something. Well, maybe i can at least post a little bit to let you know WHAT we are doing, ya know so you know for sure that we’re working on it, even if we don’t have much to say. Or maybe talk about my experience? These other people working on this game should come on here and post too >_<

I’ve been working on Mason’s route, I gotta say I’m on a roll! And, i actually am kinda happy with what i’m writing. i find that the more i write mason the more i begin to understand him. only took me 032984204 rewrites and about that many plot/character changes! I have to say his route was one of  THE most diffcult ones to write! The very first time i wrote his script. i wrote close to 200 pages in one month!……..only to realize what i wrote was complete and utter CRAP. so i scrapped it, ALL of it. and tried again to write it. again, about maybe halfway through his rewrite? i hated it so i started over. it took me several months to FINALLY realize, that i just could NOT work with my original idea for him. and the more i thought about it the more i realized what a stupid idea it was! really it was! ya wanna know what it was? my original idea was to have him have…..amnesia DUN DUN DUUUNN…shuddup we all make mistakes. well basically he was originally going to be the stoic guy with bad memories, like really bad! that was gonna play a big part in his route. he was going to have a car accident (btw just about all of his family members originally got into car accidents. what is up with me and car deaths O_O) and then like suffer temp. amnesia. then recover but still have bad memories due to head injury i dunno. i mean the only good thing to come out of that plot was that i learned alot about head injuries!

anyway, i wanted to work with that but i also wanted to work with him having a strict father, then i wanted him to work with playing basketball. tl;dr toooooooo many ideas which DID not work. i seriously just realized one day, hey im trying to cram too much stuff into this story! that was my problem. i was taking everyone’s ideas, and my own, and trying to make them into a coherent plot. it was NOT working.

soooooo i COMPLETELY scrapped all the ideas i had for mason. about the only thing i kept which is the basic idea of him since day one quiet basketball player. I talked to Mdogg (One of the bloggers on CSW and the person Mason is VERY loosely based on) about what to do with Mason’s char. he gave me some great ideas! and i threw in my own. i also asked chapperz and dubzeh for new ideas too, as well as nesse. Anyway with these new ideas i began to take what i thought i could work with rather then EVERYONES ideas regardless, and came up with my own.

So, at the moment im still going with some of thier ideas they presented me, but im also going in kind of a diff. direction. tbh im not sure what direction yet ill go but i got an idea. im more of a “think it up as i write it” type of person, which is maybe why it takes me several rewrites to get something im semi-satisfied with lol.

I’m still not sure if itll be all that good ya know? cuz im such a new writer. everyone of the other writers has had some experience. Even our proofreaders. heck one of our proofreaders is now a published author! so in a way i kind of worry im holding everyone back, but i keep trying! and i hope that masons route comes out decent in the end lol.


oh, this wasnt wat the original topic was huh? wellll whatever at least i posted! if no one minds my horrible grammar (another thing im not that great at!) i can try and update this. ill see about doing it maybe weekly/bi-weekly. i need to get on a schedule! sorry for rambling its 4am i should sleep lol.


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