yah so sorry i took forever with an update, I’m really bad with updating things and whatnot. But rest assure we are always working on this.

anyway, uhm lets see Jubbz is working on Jeremys route quite dilegently and might have it done by the end of this month or so. (well the rough draft) spiral has finished megans route and just putting a few finishing touches. but he says i cant read it until sept. cuz he wants to take a break from it for a month then do some more editing. chapperz said he started on kitsus route, and if been working a bit on masons route here and there.

gothic~ichigo has finished MC and alice all outfits. and shes working on finishing up chris all outfits and all poses same with avu. then shell be working on mason next. i still havent gotten anything completely finished as i havent gotten much back from tatsuki..hmm… anyway, the arts coming along nicely as well.

got a few more BGs as well, uncolored. but thats also coming along nicely.

soooo little by little this games getting made, these things take awhile. im REALLY hoping by dec. i can have a demo. like super duper hoping. i got the comon route rough draft finished pretty much. im jus gonna let it settle until after i do mason and martins rough draft. around sept. id like to start on the final draft of the comon route so i can start programing it.

anyway, i just didnt want anyone to think we forgot about this project. sorry i dont really have much to show perhaps next time. im also gonna try and update this blog. been awhile i think the chars. need updating again.


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