Feb. 2012 update

Well, it’s been awhile since I’ve done an update, truth be told things have gotten pretty slow, but the good news is we ended up finally getting a BG artist! If you want check her out on DA. She said she’ll be albe to work with us in April so I look forward to saying goodbye to stock BGs and hello to freshly made ones ^___^

Let’s see other then that well Jubbz was having a stressful time these last couple of months due to personal issues and has not worked on much with the game lately, however things are getting better for him and hes full of motivation once again! Last I spoke to chapperz he was still wondering how to start Kitsu’s route but at least has it pretty planned out. I (cidz) on the other hand haven’t done too much. Working on programing Chris’ route getting the basics down first, I haven’t done much with it lately, I suppose I should lol. Mason’s route I started working on, I should get back to it. These last couple weeks I’ve been kind of lazy/busy/distracted by harvest moon cute >_>

Oh, finally heard from Gothic~Ichigo our sprite artist, turns out lemmasoft didnt even send my PMs. WTF leammasoft >_< soooo I’m just going to use DA from now on or email. Anyways, she’s working on Mason’s sprites, and reworking Mr. Martin’s design a bit. I look forward to seeing more sprites, hopefully we get another set by April.

So that’s about it really, sorry not much to report on. Still we are always working on it, slowly but surely! I look forward to the day I can finally release the game (or at least a beta or something >_> )


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