no, the game isnt going to be in ciddyspeak >_> that’s just a test sentence. Anyway! The past couple days I’ve been working hard and finally i made the textbox, name box, and side image HORRAY!!! that wasnt an easy task well the namebox/textbox wasnt TOO hard the side image was a real pain >____< still i finally got it figured out! so now i can code in MC ❤

Also just so people know ONLY the MC has a side image. The rest of the characters have the bigger sprites. MC doesn’t have a bigger sprite. I know on lemmasoft people were complaining about both a side image and large sprite of the same char. thats a bit distracting for me as well, so none of that.

I know there isnt any buttons (for those that dont know just right click to get to the menu) maybe later on down the lines there will be. Also the heart background is a temp thing for when enter your name (i just wanted to test it out…..) and for when you choose who you want to work with (which at the moment the only one avail. is chris)

future plans include a title/OP picture…maybe ill see if i can mess with the in-game menu settings. I’d like to get some buttons as well. Image-map for the choices of who you work with, etc…..


but for now, i’m just going to program in MC and Chris, and any other sprites we get later on. So, just wanted to post this update. Also here’s a couple more screencaps (as you can see the box is actually transparent i might put a small white stroke outline around the text so itll stand out more.)


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