Chris Screencaps

So i finally started programming. I’ve yet to get the intro route back and proof-read so for now im going with Chris’ route. Here’s a couple caps from his trigger scenes. The first one (on the right) I think I’ll replace with his 2nd pose when I get it. but for now its something lol.

Also I sent over the textbox and sidebox images over to megs, so hopefully he can code them. If at least i’d like a side image lol. I can only hope he can get renpy to work >_< anyways, if i get that coded into the game then I’ll be sure and take more screencaps to show MC. ❤

I am so glad to finally get this game going, it feels like its real now instead of some dream haha. Of course its really thanks to everyone that this is actually getting somewhere.

If i can keep up this pace, i think i might actually get a demo up by Feb. maybe a valentines gift for everyone ;):P


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