Progress Report: Dec. 2011


I appologize for falling behind on this blog, december was a busy month but i’ll do my best to keep it going now. Also as you can see the two above pictures means we finally got a couple finished sprites! of MC and Chris in thier snazzy winter uniforms. I have to thank gothic~ichigo and tasuki for doing an AMAZING job on it ❤ im very glad to have such a talented team.

With that said, here is the rest of whats been going on this past month or so.

Jubbz – is still working on Avu’s rough draft, i keep saying i think he’s almost done and he isnt haha. but really hes been working hard its a pretty lengthy storyline that even continues onto MCs 3rd year. Still of what little snippits i’ve read i think all his hard work will pay off.

Chapperz – is still working on victors route he’s on act 4.

Spiral – is working on megan’s route and has written 78 pages in only a couple of days O_O. sadly he ran into a plothole and had to delete like 20 pages >_> still a the amazing speed he’s going im sure he can make it up easily.

Cidz – well i wrote out masons rough draft, realized it was pretty crappy. reorganized my thoughts and now im going to completely rewrite it with a whole new plot. but this one will be better and im actually quite excited to start working on it. other then that i finally finished the rewrite rough draft of the intro route. now im just awaiting feedback and proofreading. im hoping to have it completed soon so i can finally start programming >_<

Gothic~ichigo and Tasuki – i havent talked to her in a few weeks but last ive known she was working on avu’s sprites sent me a rough outline of his 2nd pose and expressions, we approved them and she sent them off to tasuki to color them. so ill check in after new years and see how shes coming along with that see if we get more finished spirtes or not. but her and Tasuki are really working hard on this so im glad <33333

Misc. – hmmm not much else to report the year is almost ending and im on winter break so im hoping to get some programming done. oh i worked on the GUI a little well just the design still heres my initial idea so let me know what you think (the box will be semi-transparent so it shows the background a little) ill try and get on figuring out how to insert a custom GUI and whatnot soon.

oh, and ive always fixed up this blog a bit. changed the layout, made a custom header, and i finally fixed the home button (i didnt even know till last night it was wierd and linked to the old blog sorry about that >_> )

Anyways Happy Holidays everyone! I hope you have a good one ❤


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