Progress Report: Oct/Nov.

And here i thought i already did one guess not >_> well i’ll keep it short.

Jubbz is about 3/4 done with writing Avu’s rought draft. While I (cid) am about 90% done with masons rough draft. Chapperz has written the 2nd act of Victors rough draft and about to work on the 3rd.

gothic~Ichigo and tasuki finished chris and MCs sprites and are about to work on Avu’s next.

I havent done any programming this month ive been spending these last few weeks working on masons route. after i write the rough draft im going to go add more to the common route and then do some programming. im hoping to add in some backgrounds and whatnot.

btw we are still looking for a background artist so if you are interested contact me ❤


an extra thanks also goes out to MDogg who helped me greatly with the basketball scenes in his (masons) routes <33333333333


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