Progress Report: Sept.

Ok so I dont think i did one for august but at the end of each month (or erm in this case begging of next >_> ) i will be posting progress reports its to keep everyone updated of our progress even if its very little and a good way to kinda keep track. also when this is all done itll be fun to go back and see all that weve done ❤

* jubbz – chris route completely finished, avus rough draft half-way through.
* chapperz – hasnt made anymore progress still did a bit of dreams script. He brainstromed on kitsu’s route. He will have more time to work on it however with fall season approaching.
* cidz – im pretty much in the same boat as chapperz >_> i finished common route and programming that now. I wrote a bit of masons route.

(i heard from our artists a couple weeks ago i PMd them again still waiting to hear back so im not sure if this is the most current or if they did more but ill let you guys know if more progress has been made)

Also still on the look for a background artist. Will probably use pre-made free to use backgrounds as a placeholder in the meantime.

* gothic~ichigo – working on chris sprite. sent a few things to tasuki to be colored
* tasuki: has colored a few things. unsure if she sent them to gothic~ichigo yet or not.

* cidz: programming common route almost done with that. Will begin programmin chris route afterwards. Just the text nothing else.
* megz: i gave him a small test subject to see if he can program the ability to make a route appear after everyone elses and he figured it out so yay.

* I’ve worked a bit on the GUI design in photoshop I’m almost satisfactory with it once i get something decent ill show it to you guys maybe make a few examples see which ones you like the best.
* other then that not much else has been going on. I dont have any art yet, so cant show any screencaps but once i get something I will defintly take some to show you guys. Will also work on updating the front page lol.


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