Stuff ~

I tried finding a pic with 3 ppl. this is the best i could do >_> we'll pretend im the one sleeping, dubzeh is the one on the computer, and chapperz is the one drawing/writing. <_<

So i guess i should make an update post so no one will think i dropped this lol.

so good news! got 2 more script writters dubzeh and chapperz as well as myself will be writting the script so thats good. quite honestly im not so good at writing lol. so its good to have some help from a couple guys with writing experience ❤ plus 3 heads will work better then 1 lol.

I’m still looking for an artist, but i decided to focus on the script first. because what good would going threw the trouble of finding an artist and then the script not working out. that would be a flop. so an artist is needed but i think it can wait.

I also did a few changes to the site. i added a small background design to give it some personal flaire and added a credits page (under about) and character one too.

There’s also 2 more love interests dreams and sense characters and with that the main character list is complete! so we will have a total of 11 love interests! thats quite alot to choose from. and each guy came up with thier own unique type so i think itll be fun itll be a nice variety thats for sure heck theres even a lez if you want to go that way haha XD

Sooooo overall even if it doesnt seem ive done much im always thinking and planning the story. im going to be working on the planning and script writing with dubzeh and chapperz for awhile so prolly wont be many updates for awhile. buuut once we get the script going ill prolly post some samples and stuff give you guys an idea lol.


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