Character Profiles

here are the characters of the otome game. pretty much copied from the char profile lol. but as time goes on they’ll have more detailed synopsis plus once I get an artist for this game they’ll have char designs as well ❤ also im adding in 2 more love interests!

FRIENDS ~~~~~~~~~~~

** Rainy **

– Name: Mia Hughes
– Age/Year: 16. 2nd yr
– Looks: A very plain appearance. Just doesn’t bother with makeup or spending hours on her hair. That doesn’t mean she’s messy at least. And she’d probably become a bombshell if she just put some effort to actually look good.
– Personality: The yaoi fangirl. she likes pairing up the guys, and also likes turning normal situations into perverted ones with her yaoi fantasies. Her imagination can be quite…creative at times. Childhood friends and neighbor to you.
– Misc: she’s the friend of the MC. also writes the Yaoi/Gay column in the csw journal.

** Splitter **

– Name: Minna-chan
– Age/Year: 16. 2nd yr.
– Looks: Trap. short bob hair-do with glasses. kind of a nerdy girl.
– Personality: Pretty nice and easy to talk to. Likes ponies. A lot. but tries her best not to talk about em alot lol. Mina is your second Childhood friend and lives next door.
– Misc: TBA

** Cidz **

– Name: Alice Stanfield
– Age/Year: 16. 2nd yr.
– Looks: long dark hair. dresses in goth-loli/cosplay outfits.
– Personality: bubbly personality. energetic and kind of weird lol. also has terrible grammar and it’s hard to understand her most of the time.
– Misc: Best friends with Jeremy and lives a couple blocks down. Alice met  the way been friends with MC since 3rd yr of middle school. she writes for the fashion column for csw newsletter


-Name: Evangeline
-Age/Year: 17 3rd yr.
-Appearance: long blonde hair down to mid back, and blue eyes. A short appearance, often mistaken for a little girl. (Token Loli). When not in school, her outfits range from baseball t-shirts or black turtlenecks and jeans, to short sleeved baseball shirts and shorts.
-Misc:  favorite subject is writing and literature, she is usually calm and collected, but will joke around with friends or even scold them for being reckless at times. Lives in a house with her grandmother and their dog. Spends her free time reading books, manga, watching anime, etc. She also likes to cook and learn recipes from her grandmother. When she joins the club, she’ll also be the one to cook meals for them every now and again.

GUYS ~~~~~~~~~

** Jubbz **

– Name: Jeremy Zaccheo
– Age/Year: 3rd yr.
– Looks: dark skinned. always wears a hat similar to tiger from tiger and bunny.
– Type: Hot-headed. Tsundere.
– Personality: He’s basically the Benson (from regular show) of CSW. He’s the leader of CSW and hates slackers. he’s hot-headed but at the same time has a soft spot for his crew, as he really cares about them, but hates to admit it. He also wants to make CSW the best newspaper ever! He works really hard to make that possible, even staying after school, to further this ambition in any way possible. You will have to help him learn that it’s not so bad to relax and he shouldn’t worry so much and control everything. Can you help him finally realize that it’s not so bad to take a break and chill out sometimes?
– Misc: Childhood friends with Alice Stanfield and lives next door to her. He also likes to bake cookies for the club, but only when he’s in a good mood. He’s also oblivious to the the many girls that like him, but refuse to make it obvious due to them always displaying Tsundere behavior. He claims he doesn’t like Tsunderes because he’s seen them all the time in anime.

** Martin **

– Name: Mr. Martin
– Age: 26.
– Looks: Tall, short hair. goatee.
– Type: Older man/Teacher.
– Personality: math teacher and 2nd yr homeroom teacher. He’s a pretty laid-back, nice guy but can be a stern teacher sometimes. Doesn’t like late homework. Since he’s a teacher, his love wont be that easy to get because of that “We’re teacher and student!” mentality, but if you’re persistent and impresses him, then overtime you too, will win his love.
– Misc: club advisor for csw. His favorite character is Angel (Kanade Tachibana) from Angel Beats. He also likes playing the saxophone and has them decorating the walls of his classroom.

** Chapperz **

– Name: Kitsu “Kit-tan” Madaki
– Age/Year: 16. 2nd yr.
– Type: Trickster/Funny.
– Looks: Medium sized shaggy hair and closed kitsune eyes that he only opens when talking seriously. He also smiles most of the time, usually forming into a grin when talking, though can be indifferent when his eyes are open. Like sort’ve like Walker but with dark brown hair that’s shaggy like Him. His casual outfit is a plaid shirtlike this, dark blue jeans, and a dogtag necklace
– Personality: he’s laidback and isn’t picky when it comes to gifts/options/etc. Around people he likes to say and do things that would make other’s uncomfortable (akin to a male fujoshi), but has a calmer nicer side when talking with the MC and wants to settle down
– Misc: Likes traps and inspires to be a Voice Actor someday. Likes writing snarky/parody Column in csw often making fun of stuff. also randomly likes to post things he likes.

** CCK **

– Name: Chris Ciel King
– Age/Year: 15. 1st yr.
– Type: A Charismatic Shouta.
– Looks: Blonde hair. blue eyes, short. He dresses very cleanly even when outside of school, sporting a blazer, white button-up shirt, and black slacks.
– Personality: He’s similar to Masaomi Kida from durarara in terms of personality. Loves the girls, very charming, and charismatic. Is kind of a little-pimp, so he’ll naturally hit on you but keeping him from wandering off might be a bit difficult. However with time, he’ll probably realize that he rather just settle down with you and stop flirting around with so many girls.
– Misc: Fav. anime is durarara writes for the romance advice column in the newspaper.

** Megz **

– Name: Megan “Megiddo” Miles
– Age/Year: 17. 3rd yr.
– Type: intelligent/Introverted.
– Looks: wears glasses.
– Personality: like kyouya from ouran. He’s smart and knows a ton of random facts and useless information. is kind of stand-offish and can sometimes come off as a jerk but really he means well. he has high standards in just about anything, so you’ll really have to impress him to win his love. however he’s can be pretty loving when he’s truly fallen for MC.
– Misc: computer guy in the club. and also runs the accounting. but mostly he runs the club site, and does any hacking or random computer stuff the club might need.

** Justice **

– Name: Justin Evans
– Age/Year: 3rd. 19. (he got held back lol >_> )
– Type: Lazy/Chaotic Neutral type
– Looks: medium length (like shoulder at the most) light brown hair. kinda messy cuz sometimes he doesn’t feel like brushing it lol.
– Personality: very lazy. likes taking naps. also likes doing whatever he pleases so has a tendency to skip school…alot. which is why he’s been held back another grade. he’s suppose to graduate this year…. maybe. hell see depending if he feels like it or not. He wont be incredibly easy to win over. especially since he’s rather aloof and does what he pleases but if MC works hard at him she will get him to change his lazy ways and perhaps even graduate that year.
– Misc.: joined the csw club but honestly does nothing but nap it kind of rly irritates dubzehs char alot lol but he doesn’t much mind. once in a while hell do some random column kinda half-asses it too.

** MDogg **

– Name: Mason Takahashi
– Age/Year: 3rd yr. 17
– Type: Stoic sports guy.
– Looks: tall and slightly muscular. half japanese half american.
– Personality: Quiet, a man of few words. He’s from a famous dojo family and has been trained in MA all his life. He’s never had a girlfriend because he’s too busy training. since hes so quiet he wont be easy to get but don’t give up with this one eventually MC will win his heart. and even though he doesn’t say much the things he does say he means.
– Misc: He’s in both the MA and csw club. since he’s usually busy with MA he doesn’t show up too much but he does put out a few sports articles. longs to actually join basketball team instead. has a very strict father

** Spiral **

– Name: Avu Kamu
– Age/Year: 16. 2nd yr.
– Type: Normal nice guy
– Looks: slightly tall, black hair normal length and green eyes.
– Personality: He’s just a normal guy nothing particular stands out however he’s an all around decent guy and decently good at everything. He’s the nice guy that you go to when you wanna talk about your problems.Sure he’s not overly brave, but he’s still willing to stand up for you and be there for you. He’s also very social savvy, as he has the talk skills to get anyone to reveal any juicy information, as he’s got many connections.
– Misc.: somewhat newcomer to the csw journalism club. he also is the info broker for csw.

* Sense*

– Name: Stephen Stone
– Age/Year: 16. 2nd yr
– Type: Shy, Obsessive, Straightforward
– Looks: Kinda messy looking. has shaggy hair. but still looks clean.
– Personality: He’s pretty shy around most of his classmates and honestly gives off a bit of a creepy vibe, which results in him being feared by most people. He’s also pretty open and funny in the csw journalism club. He also has a… bit of a posessive nature to him when you get him interested in you. Perhaps there’s more to him than meets the eye?
– Misc: He tends to initiate moments of ho-yay with the guys to the point where his sexuality is questioned, and usually gets a kick in the balls whenever he comes on to Jeremy.

** Dreams **

– Name: Victor Dremseer
– Age/Year: 16. 2nd yr
– Type: Music Lover.
– Looks: Looks goth-emo kinda scary dark brooding.
– Personality: looks dark and brooding and scary but has a really bright and energetic personality, which is far from the vibe he gives. His love for music has him write random songs in the club that normally make no sense, which results in Jeremy calling him Yui Hirasawa just to piss him off.
– Misc: He’s best friends with Justin and very close to him. He also likes being around Justin to the point where you’d suspect that he might actually have feelings for him. He also hates K-ON and Yui.

** faye **

– Name: Faye
– Age: 19. graduated HS last year
– Type: upperclassman. gamer.
– Looks: DD cup. glasses and blue eyes.
– Personality: A lesbian that works at the video game store. tends to kind of flirt with MC a bit. but will MC go for her or think its wierd? also seems to have a bit of mysteriousness to her
– Misc: use to be part of the csw journalism club. and graduated HS last year. is going to the local college studying game programming. Faye is an extra character that the MC will have to meet where she works and do extra things to win her over.


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  1. yay reverse trap it is! i like that idea lol.

    HAHA id totz go after mdoggs char too >_> i luv dem stoic guys ❤ actually i rly like each guy id prolly wanna go after every one of em XD

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