character ideas

ok so after talking to 9/10 guys (still waiting on dreams >_> )  ive gotten thier input and here is a brief sypnosis on what type of guys they wanted to be. (ill add more later i still need to go threw my AIM logs and put in more details lol buuut a rough idea at least lol) (also thier names will be changed no ones called by thier user names >_> except for martin who wants to be called Mr Martin lol)

You (the player,but youll be able to add in whatever name you want) – 2nd yr transfer student. female.


  • Rainy – yaoi fangirl. cheerful and helpful.
  • Splittter – name: minna-chan. a trap. loves ponies
  • Cidz – likes cosplaying and fangirly teypz liek diz lawl. >_>


  • Dubzeh –  Club President. Hot headed type.  2nd yr dark-colored man.
  • Martin – Mr. Martin. Math Teacher and 2nd yr homeroom teacher. likes playing sax and his fav. char is angel. the older man teacher type.
  • Chapperz – the trickster/funny type.  is mostly seen with his eyes closed. likes traps and is also a 2nd yr.
  • CCK – the shouta-prince type. think kida from durarara. charasmatic and is popular with the girls. fav anime durarara. 1st yr
  • meggido – the smart guy type. wears glasses think kyouya from ouran.
  • Justice – the free-spirit chaotic-netural type. is usually lazy. doesnt participate much in the club comes and goes when he pleases. likes naps.
  • Mdogg – the stoic sports type.  is also part of the martial arts (or maybe basketball im not sure kinda leaning towards MA tho) club. 3rd yr.
  • spiral – the normal guy type.  doesnt stand out but is decently good at everything a generally nice guy.
  • faye –  the older guy type. graduated from HS the previous year. use to belong to the journalism club. works part-time. (might be an extra guy)

and there we go! if you got any input pls let me know. im hoping dreams will give me the ok so i can have 10 guys total still i think even 9 is rly impressive! i hope that im not going over my head with this haha buuut i think that if i take my time and plan right i can do this! a variety is nice amirite!?


3 thoughts on “character ideas

  1. omg lol i needed to approve these comments so i didnt even see em till now >__>

    @ megz – haha somedaaaaay until then im calling u megz its easier >___>
    and thx ~ _>

    ooooooh thats a gewd idea! and itll be rly lolz XD i think ill do that i was leaning towards MA anywhoo >_> i should make him like asian action films too XD

  2. If there are any female rivals then Chaps girl should be Splitter the trap… for sure 😀
    Also, make MDDog do MA… add as many silly otaku references as possible it will make it funnier ^_^

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